The Floating Fringe was initiated by Brooke Allen, who you can read about at BrookeAllen.com.

Brooke is a veteran of Burning man (2009, 10, 11, 15 and 17). He is also a Edinburgh Fringe veteran (2012, 14, 16, 18).

In 2021, Brooke decided it was time to participate in both the Fringe and the Burn.

That’s why he created the Floating Fringe. While he is in Edinburgh for August, he and his fellow performers will be virtually floating on over to the Burn.

For the 2021 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in addition to creating this camp, Brooke co-wrote, performed in and produced the on-demand show My Zoom Call with Andre.

It is a cross between When Harry Met Sally and My Dinner with Andre. It deals with the practical aspects of love, career and the devastating effects of debt on young people. It asks the question, “What do I do when the part I have to play is me?”

Jane isn’t looking forward to a Zoom call with Henry, an old lover she has struggled hard to forget. When Andre, and his weird lightbulb show up, her live changes direction.

You can book tickets through the Fringe website here, or you can visit MyZoomCallWithAndre.com and watch it in a browser for free.

All the shows Brooke has done at the Fringe are compliant with the 10 Principles of Burning Man. He’s never asked for money for any of his performances, for example.