Burning Man and the Floating Fringe

What is the relationship between the Floating Fringe and Burning Man?

Have you heard of Burning Man? If not, this is a good time to check it out. Through 2019, physical Burns take place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. They attract 70,000 people and it is hard to get into because general admission tickets sell out in less than one second.

This year, however, the Burn has gone virtual. You can get tickets and you can get tickets at: https://virtualburn.burningman.org/booth/.

The Floating Fringe and the Virtual Burn overlap on the 29th of August. This means that you can expect more Burners to be attending shows, and first priority will be given to Burners who want to perform on those dates.

It goes against Burner principles to solicit money during a Burn, so on those two days performers are asked to refrain from soliciting money. However, Burners may raise money in what they call the “default world” to support their efforts.

At Black Rock City, the temporary event they create in the desert in Nevada, Burners live by what they call the 10 Principles, which you can read about here: https://burningman.org/culture/philosophical-center/10-principles/

This is how we interpret these 10 Principles at the Floating Fringe camp:

  • Radical Inclusion – Everyone is welcome at the Floating Fringe.
  • Gifting – All performance is given freely as a gift without expectation of return.
  • Decommodification – We don’t seek nor encourage advertising or corporate sponsorship.
  • Radical Self-reliance – We are a do-ocracy. Responsibilities attach to people who do the work. If you see something that is broken then fix it. If you have an idea for how to improve something then improve it.
  • Communal Effort – The Floating Fringe is a platform for the creation of a community built by those who participate, not those who criticize.
  • Civic Responsibility – With privilege comes responsibility. We exist for the benefit of the greater good.
  • Leaving No Trace – When a Floating Fringe event is over it’s over. There should be no loose ends. If it happens again that’s up to those who want to make it happen.
  • Participation – Even if you come as a tourist we hope you’ll stay as a participant. Get your creative juices flowing and find a way that others can enjoy your presence.
  • Immediacy – Don’t become a slave to your calendar. Show up and see what’s happening, or – better yet – make something happen.

If you are a Burner and you’d like some pointers on how you can use the Edinburgh Fringe or the Floating Fringe to attract an audience to your fundraising efforts, then write to me directly.

I’m Brooke Allen and I can be reached at: Brooke at Brooke Allen (dot) com.

By Brooke Allen

Founder – Viral Virtue, Inc.

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